Fade in/out Skeleton Costume for Kids


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“We’ll all be scared to death when skeletons walk the Earth.”-Greg, HalloweenCostumes.com AccountantYeah, you bet your bottom dollar a reanimated skeleton situation would be pretty scary. But your kiddo already knows that, which is why they’re pullin your arm to pick up this Fade In/Out Skeleton costume for kids. And we have to say, getting it is not going to be a bad decision.Sure, a skeleton costume is a staple of the Halloween season, and a theme that’s tested, tried, and true. But, until you’ve added a signature touch like glowing eyes, a skeleton costume is just that—already tried! We think it’s about high time that this classic got a technology upgrade.Let your boy or girl up their Halloween game this year with this signature jumpsuit costume. The hooded mask features a glowing eyeball effect that, of course, fades in and fades out in a chilling red hue. The lights are powered with a simple 3 AA batteries, so the frightening effect will last for the whole trick-or-treat adventure.The fabric mask is screen printed with a skull face to match those creepy eyes, and the jumpsuit follows suit with a skeleton print featured on the front. We can’t say for sure whether your child will be the best skeleton to ever walk the Earth on All Hallow’s Eve, but with this costume, at least they’ll have a chance to be the creepiest in the neighborhood!