F Bomb Costume for Adults


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You Put the “F” In FunYou’ve recently been doing a bit of soul searching, and you’ve decided to reform. It’s time to tackle some of your habits, head-on. And though there’s a lot you want to work on, you’re starting small. Starting on Halloween, you will give up cursing, for one whole year! But…that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a bit of fun, right? Of course not! Your mouth may be clean as a bar of soap, but this Adult F Bomb Costume calls to mind a time when, even just days ago, you dropped a swear word into every sentence! Your friends will find this outfit outrageously funny, and you will see that you can clean up your act and still be a social superstar wherever you go.When it’s time to tackle cutting back on the 6 packs or upping your exercise routine, we’re pretty sure we have a costume for those too.Product DetailsThis funny getup is really simple to pull off. It’s all in the attitude. It’s a simple little tunic cut to look like a round, black cannonball bomb with a fuse. A capital “F” on the front makes this look’s punchline clear and simple. One thing is for sure, any party you wear this costume to is gonna be lit. Just…not in a literal sense, we hope!Maybe Next YearAh, we heard about halfway through the night you forgot about your resolution to stop swearing and really leaned into the moment. Hey, things happen. Perfection is overrated. There’s always next year to try this costume out again!