Extra Long Satin Black Gloves


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Graceful GlovesMost of us don’t wear gloves with our everyday outfits anymore. They’re usually reserved for cold weather or messy work. However, they can be a defining accessory to your outfit. If you’re a hero dressed up for a fancy event, your suit or ball gown just might not look complete without gloves. If you’re becoming a villain for the day, gloves can indicate that you have something to hide. Or, they might serve the more utilitarian purpose of preventing you from leaving fingerprints at your crime scenes. No matter your motives, a good pair of gloves will certainly round out your costume!Product DetailsIf you need to add some elegance to your costume, whether for good or evil, you might like these Extra Long Black Satin Gloves. These sleek gloves will fit most adults, and as you know, black goes with everything. Whether your character is a flapper, a villain, or just going to the ball, these black gloves will add a dramatic flair to your outfit!Attractive AccessoryWe think it’s time to bring back an old style and start wearing gloves again! If you need a basic pair to add to your wardrobe, start with these Extra Long Black Satin Gloves. They’re sure to add some elegance to whatever outfit you pair them with!