Exclusive Raggedy Ann Costume for Women


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Cottage CoreCan you imagine what a cute house Raggedy Ann would decorate? Everything would be delightfully detailed and handcrafted! Her couch would be covered in cozy, hand-embroidered pillows. Her windows draped in eyelet and lace. Her little brick cottage would be home to unexpected reading nooks and cozy overstuffed chairs, perfect for daydreaming. Outside the windows would be trimmed with bright and blossoming rose bushes and her yard would be studded with apple trees perfect for making apple pies on chilly fall days. Now that we think about it, Raggedy Ann is the ultimate cottage core icon! Now all she needs is a pair of roller skates!Details & DesignThis delightful fully-licensed Raggedy Ann costume is Made By Us which means it was designed by our in-house creative team. The featured dress has a ruffle at the neck and on the sleeves. A clean white apron is layered over top, crossing along the back. White bloomers and red and white socks complete Raggedy Ann’s iconic outfit. The Raggedy Ann costume is topped off with her famous bowed mop-top that’s sure to bring out gasps of nostalgia from young and old alike!Just a Doll!It’s hard to come up with a costume that’s as cute as this one! You can complete this costume with a triangle nose and dramatic, bow lips, and painted on eyelashes. You can almost hear the tea parties of your childhood now! Pair this costume with our licensed Raggedy Andy costume to make this even more adorable. Sure, maybe you don’t have a tiny cottage covered in doilies and trimmed with pungent roses but you’ll look like you spend all of your time among such cottage core treasures. Slip into this flowered dress, white apron, and striped socks and you’ll look just like the sweet, colorful doll we all know and love!