Exclusive Raggedy Ann Costume for Kid’s


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time for TeaSome people were born to host dance parties. Some dream of dinner parties. Your kiddo is a natural when it comes to tea parties. She always knows which stuffed animals to invite and who should sit where. She remembers the little detail. For instance, Rabbit’s constantly tapping feet annoys Panda so they need to sit apart and if you’re going to invite a bear in the winter, you need to have strongly caffeinated tea, because they’re going to be waking up from their hibernation. If your child wants to take her tea parties to the next level, why not let her become one of the guests? This licensed Raggedy Ann costume will make your kiddo feel like one of her own stuffed lovies once and for all! Now, is that one lump or two?Design & DetailsThis classic Raggedy Ann doll is fully licensed and designed by our in-house creative team. The look features a cheery blue dress that falls to the knee and has a pinafore style apron layered over top. Adorable bloomers peep out from under the knee-length hemline. This colorful rag doll look is completed with red and white striped socks, a hair bow, and the classic Raggedy Ann wig. Playtime is about to come to life like never before!Toying AroundIf you’re putting together a group costume this Halloween, this Raggedy Ann doll costume is a great start. Now, you can either dress up brother like Raggedy Andy or find a toy costume for every character in your family so that you all will look like a toy chest come to life! Whether your child is dressing up with friends, family, or solo, remember to add the finishing touches to her costume. Those painted on eyelashes and that triangle nose are just too cute to miss!