Emerald Witch Costume for Girls


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Witch SecretsSomething seems awfully suspicious about your little girl. Does she have an affinity for playing with black cats? Does she have a maniacal cackle? Does she ever try to concoct mystical potions in her room when no one is looking? Does she ever talk about riding around on a broom in the moonlight? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you might just have a little witch on your hands.So, what should you do about it? Encourage it, of course! If your little girl wants to be a witch, then you should help her become the best little witch in the land. That means you can help her craft some potions, find her a nice black kitty cat to become her familiar, and most importantly, get her a really great witch costume for her to wear!Design & DetailsThis girl’s Emerald Witch Costume is a great way for your little girl to become the cutest witch ever! It comes with a simple black dress that has green piping around the yoke and along the bodice. It also has decorative green buttons in front. It even has an attached green belt around the waist. The hemline of the dress is jagged for a wicked witch style that your little girl will love! The costume comes with a cone-shaped hat to top the whole look off. It has a wide brim and a green band on the crown. It all combines for a look that any aspiring young witch will be able to wear with confidence.Time for Some SorceryYou’d better brush up on your magic skills, since your little one is going to want to learn every spell she can when she’s all dressed up in this exclusive costume. Add a broom to the look and your little one might even be ready to take flight for the first time!