Elizabethan Women’s Wig


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For all their faults, Elizabethan royalty had the hair game figured out. If you wanted an amazing hairstyle in the 18th century, you had two options. First, you could spend most of your day brushing and primping your hair, using positively archaic styling products to mold your hair, crossing your fingers that the bacon grease or whatever’s in there does what you want it to do or it’s time to start all over. Or, of course, if you’re royalty, you could make your servants do it for you, while you eat roast lamb and potatoes with au jus. Tough choice, eh?We would dive into that roast lamb, ourselves, because the au jus smells divine. But luckily, in the hundreds of years since then, we’ve advanced in a few ways. We went to the moon, we created tiny computers that we wear on our wrists and keep in our pockets, and we have applications we use to order burritos or roast lamb straight to our living rooms! More to the point, we’ve created wigs to make your hair preparation a cinch. This Women’s Elizabethan Wig will be good for cosplay, Halloween, or your next costume party! The curly and styled faux hair wig uses adhesive pearls that stick onto the wig, and its one size fits most. So please be nice to your legion of servants, because your hair will be fantastic no matter what. It’s a royal hairdo that doesn’t require a palace staff to achieve!