Egyptian Tunic Adult Costume


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Ras to Ruins”Oh great Pharaoh, thy cartouche shall live through the ages and immortalize thy name among the peoples of Egypt for all time. O thou great Pharaoh, God-King, Ra as man, whose influence brings the Nile’s nourishing floods anew each year, whose will is law, by whose word we live and die, amidst whose glory we are blessed to spend each day, and to whom we give all supplication and due honor. If it is found by thy will suitable, if perchance thine immaculate spirit should acquiesce, if indeed it were possible and if thou has the time, wouldst thou come to mine Halloween party? That would be dope.”While that’s not the weirdest invite we’ve ever seen, we are still surprised that your host decided your costume for you. Still, you’ve come to the right place! Here you go, Pharaoh, your costume awaits!Product DetailsThis Adult Egyptian Tunic Costume is fitting for the main god of Egypt. The stylish foam headband with its molded vinyl cobra can be worn with or without the accompanying striped veil, as the Pharaoh desires. The belt has fabric ties and the most opulent faux leather and brocade ribbon draping on the front. The large rectangular crushed velvet can be draped in many ways across the broad shoulders of the Lord of the Nile, or the less-broad shoulders of the Lady of the Nile. The Pullover tunic has cap sleeves to give Pharaoh that extra oomph that he needs to have confidence in the morning.Oddly Shaped TombsGiant squares? Nahh. How about intricately carved likenesses of each individual? Boring. You’ve been through all the shapes, and the time to decide is now, while you’re 30. That’ll give your builders enough time to put the finishing touches on your tomb before you die in 30 more years. But what shape is best? As you stab yourself in roof of your mouth with a tortilla chip, it comes to you in a flash! A giant triangle! Perfection.