Egyptian Royalty Women’s Purse Accessory


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A Purse For Pyramid HoppingPlanning on perusing the pyramids? Negotiating the Nile? And sightseeing from the top of the Sphinx? Whoo buddy, we know just what you’ve got planned. You’re about to slip into a Cleopatra costume for Halloween. And, if we may say, that’s a really great plan! She’s one of the most iconic figures of the Ancient world. She’s well-remembered for being a female pharaoh when it was definitely not normal to have a woman ruling an empire. And, by historical account, she was equally regarded for her beauty as well as her Queendom. What we’re trying to say here is we’re sure you’re just the right person to slip on her duds for Halloween!And that’s why we’ve got this handy dandy Egyptian Royalty Purse! This detailed accessory will be the perfect way to complete your Cleo costume, and it’ll be helpful, too, to hold your devices and other necessities while you’re out and about. The bag features a gold cord handle and black faux gems. It has an embroidered design that’s meant to look like it was handcrafted by your loyal devotees. It features an Egyptian-inspired scarab logo in the center, and it even has a little stuffed asp head and tongue dangling from one corner!