Dripping Blood Border Roll


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We had a bit of a scare here at the office the other day. We were minding our own business where nothing but the sound of tapping keys and the rolling of scooter wheels were heard when it started storming. That’s no big deal, it happens all the time! Except we started to spring some leaks…and there was blood coming from the leaks! It turned into chaos here! We were running around and screaming with our mouths agape! Some blood got in our mouths and we realized someone had left a ton of cherry koolaid mix on the roof and the practiced javelin on the roof. This left us with a few different questions but we were relieved…and this gave us a pretty great idea. Give your guests the shivers at your next Halloween party with this Dripping Blood Border roll. No need to buy large quantities of koolaid and poke holes in your roof for this sick looking border that’s sure to increase the general spookiness (which is the goal, we promise.) That seems a little extreme even for us!