Dragon Skull Mask for Adults


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Holy SmokesWe don’t know what would be scarier. Stumbling upon a sleeping dragon as you traverse through misty mountain tops or coming across a dragon skeleton. Why would you be afraid of a dragon skeleton as opposed to a real one that could wake up and fry you at any second? You might ask. Good question. We’re pretty sure that if you stumble upon a long deceased dragon, the heir to its pile of gold is there somewhere, lurking behind you. The fire-breathing reptile has probably been tracking you for a long time, making sure it’s delicious bar-b-que snack doesn’t escape. Product DetailsThis mask might look like it’s been hardening in the harsh climate of the mountainous terrain it lives in but it’s actually made of a comfortable latex that will move with you. Its boney look wraps around your whole head with an exposed spine with three-dimensional wings on the sides and horns on the top of the head. The snout is dynamic with sculpted teeth, a harsh look jaw, and ferocious-looking eyes. The off-white latex wraps around the neck and has a slit up the back to make it easy to put on and remove. To prepare your mask for its debut, turn it upside down over a wig stand so it takes on its full shape. Where There’s Smoke, There’s FireWhile you might not live in a cave filled with the gold and silver of slain adversaries, you’ll feel firey when wearing this mask. You’ll find reasons to break it out throughout the year, outside of Halloween. Shake up your LARPing costume or your Rennaisance Fair look. And yes, you’ll be a hot item at Halloween parties as well!