Dog in Cone Costume


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Can you imagine what life would be like if going to the doctor were the same for humans as it is for our pets? You would have to trick your friend into getting in the car by saying you were all going out for pizza and a movie, and then they’d start to whine when they notice you’re driving toward the hospital instead of the mall. And when we take our medications, we’d have to cover the pills in peanut butter or wrap them in bacon first. Actually, why don’t we already do that anyway? One thing our dogs have to deal with that we are perfectly fine not having to go through are those ridiculous collars. It would be really embarrassing to have to go to work with a huge cone around our head, but they’re actually pretty fun to wear as a costume. The best part about this Dog in Cone Costume is that you can have the goofy look of a poor pup who just got back from the vet, and then you can take it off when you’re done. Seriously, you can take it off any time you want. Just try it on, and then we’ll jump in the car and go to the park, we promise!