Dog Costume Ladybug


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A Flawed ExperimentOur team is always working hard to create adorable animal costumes. But, we need them to be authentic, too. That involves a ton of study of various critters throughout the world. One obstacle just kept creeping in our path, though. What sounds do ladybugs make? It was a riddle we had no answer for. We tried to give them everything from soapboxes to karaoke machines. Nothing! Then we realized that we just needed to get a bigger ladybug so we could hear them! Imagine our surprise when the first thing our ladybug said was, “Woof!” Product DetailsWell, our little Doggybug test might not have answered the age-old question, but it did give us this Ladybug costume for dogs! This cute little red coat features black and red polka dot wings and a black hood with sproinging antennae. A strap under the belly keeps the costume in place while the soft cloth keeps your pooch looking cute and feeling warm. An Adorable ResultThey say that the only failed experiment is one with no discoveries. While we’re still working to learn the mysterious language of the ladybug, we’re thrilled to say that this Ladybug Dog costume is a dog-gone delightful set of duds!