Dog Costume Bumble Bee


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Busy as a Bee-gleDo you find that your four-legged family member tends to run around the house with surprising urgency? Perhaps they’re having a cozy nap and then, all of a sudden, they’re buzzing all over the place! Flying onto the sofa. Zipping down the hall. Swarming around the food dish and hardly taking even a second to stop and smell the flowers! Well, you might just have a pretty hard-working pooch on your hands. There’s only one way to celebrate such a worker doggo! Product DetailsIt’s time for a delightful costume that will give your furry friend the wings that they deserve! Try this Bumble Bee costume for dogs and you’ll find your fuzzy pooch makes an even cuter bug! This costume is a cute black and white coat that fastens under the belly, leaving plenty of foot room so your pupper doesn’t get restrained. It features iridescent wings and a hood with bouncy antennae. Next Up: the Fris-bee!Once your pooch is set up for flying fun in this Bumble Bee pet costume, they’ll be ready for the next step. Toss that toy and watch them soar off to fetch it! (Just don’t throw it through the flowers or they might take forever to get back!)