Disney Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Space Armor w/ Jetpack


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PRACTICE FOR SPACE RANGERSWith every year, we get closer and closer to realizing the truth of space exploration. We might be a bit away from actually visiting other planets and teaming up with aliens to discover strange places and encounter mysterious space phenomena, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start training! Fortunately, Buzz Lightyear has given us plenty to prepare with. Your kiddo might want to start on their regiment of laser blasts and whooshing around with a jetpack.PRODUCT DETAILSHelp your kiddo earn their wings with this officially licensed Buzz Lightyear Space Armor and Jetpack from Toy Story 4. This gear is inspired by the look of Buzz’s power suit and includes several lights and sound effects that you’ll recognize from the hit franchise. The visor goes up and down with the touch of a button and the whole suit fastens comfortably with a buckle in the front. Perfect for Buzz Lightyear costumes or any space-faring playtime!SPACE RANGER RECRUITS!While Buzz is busy helping out Woody and his buddies, the Space Rangers need support! Get ready to take flight with the team as a hero for infinity and beyond with the truly powered-up Space Armor and Jetpack from Toy Story!