Disney Incredibles Logo Dad Cap


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TREND OR HERE TO STAY? The dad hat is a controversial style trend because dads aren’t exactly the most stylish group of people walking the planet. They wear lots of khakis, plaid shorts, golf polos, and all white sneakers but young influencers, with a keen eye for trends and overall fashion savviness, saw the beauty in it all, thus the creation of the quintessential dad hat.The Incredibles logo dad hat is the perfect way to experience the of-the-moment-craze with a quirky Disney twist. Bob Parr, one of the most iconic Disney dads, is giving you his approval to wear the hat, featuring his family’s superhero namesake. He knows you’ll look and feel incredible while wearing it, a feeling dads everywhere can get behind. We were going to end this with a completely-appropriate-dad-joke but we’ll leave it to all the dads out there who are reading this while coming up with their very own dad jokes. There’s no way we could out-dad you!  PRODUCT DETAILS The officially licensed Incredibles logo dad hat features a curved bill, an embroidered Incredibles logo on the front and a size adjustable strap in the back. It’s perfect for a day at the baseball field or running errands! ONE INCREDIBLE COSTUMETrying to think of a new way to spice up your old Incredibles costume? Add this dad hat!