Dirty Hot Dog Apron


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“Big” Man on CampusOK. OK. We get it. You’re that guy. You’re the one who promises a good time and delivers a good time. You’re the one who will stop at nothing to make your buddies laugh. You’re the class clown, the life of every party, the king of inappropriate humor. Did we get this right? You know what, friend, every group needs a guy like you, and we want to help you be your true self this Halloween. That’s why we think we have the perfect costume for you. This Adult Dirty Apron Hot Dog Costume is a seemingly innocent (and easy to wear) costume look with a big surprise. It’s right up your bawdy alley! Now, if you’ll just excuse us while we go cancel our lunch order—we had a footlong coming.Product DetailsThis apron is as clever as it is hilarious. It’s a red apron with the words “Delicious Dick’s Footlongs” on the front, alongside a hot dog image. At first, your friends may be confused. “Did you come as a short-order cook?” But just you wait, lift the apron’s corners and invisible strings will lift the “footlong” out from your body in a strategically placed location. Haaaa! Get it? And don’t even get us started on that hotdog bun underneath!Hot Diggity DawgCongrats, funny man! You did it. You took home the costume contest prize, and you did it by being authentically yourself. Now, make your rounds and let everyone at the party “enjoy” your costume’s dirty little secret. It’s a good one!