Dipsy Teletubbies Costume for Adults


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A Dream Come TrueIt’s never too late to live your dreams. Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Download an app and start learning! Itching to write a book but afraid to start? Sit down and put pen to paper! Did you always want to be a Teletubby as a little kid? Then put on this Adult Dipsy Teletubbies Costume! Okay, so it sounds silly, but we definitely get a wave of nostalgia whenever we see this costume. Why not go back in time a bit and bring joy to other 90s and 2000s kids in the process? Product DetailsThis large suit is an all in one costume! As part of our Made By Us collection, we made sure that this look was just like the Teletubby of your childhood. The jumpsuit is a bright lime green and has a white “screen” on the belly. The foot covers and hand pieces are attached. The headpiece is separate and features Dipsy’s large ears and signature straight antenna. Now you are ready to dance about in that baby face sunshine!Which Tubby Are You?Dipsy is pretty great, but would you rather be Tinky-Winky, Laa-Laa, or Po? Not to worry! We have all of the Teletubbies suits you could ever need on our website. No matter which Teletubby you choose, this costume would be even better with a friend (or two or three). That way, the whole gang can have fun dancing the day or night away, together!