Devil Fire Sublimation Leggings


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Light a Fire Under your LookThere are a ton of mischevious monsters that dwell in the depths. But, it’s hardly any fun hanging with Hades. You’ve already seen everything there is to see down in the underworld. It’s time to rise with the heat and see what the rest of the world has to offer! Of course, you still want to keep just a hint of your fiery look for when you’re dancing among the mortals. Fortunately, there is a way to keep one leg in each world! Product DetailsIt’s time to let the heat out in a gorgeous way with these Devil Fire Sublimated Leggings. This pair of tight pants are a rich black with beautiful printing down the legs. It’ll look like fire is climbing up from your ankles, making it a perfect addition for a demoness costume or for any look that needs a hot accessory. Sublimated SinsNobody can question how devilishly cute you are when you’ve got fire licking up your legs. Rather than fighting with your naughty nature, you’ll be jumping right into the fire with these Devil Fire Leggings. The only question is whether folks can still say you’re telling a fib if your pants are already looking pretty hot!