Devil Costume for Boys


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Call the Fire DepartmentHoly smokes! Go fetch a bucket of water. Get a fire extinguisher. Stop drop and roll! Call the fire department or something, because this costume is on fire!Okay, so maybe it’s just some extremely realistic fire print going on with this Boy’s Devil Costume, but it’s quite authentic looking. We’ve seen a ton of costumes in our years doing the whole Halloween costume game and we’ve never quite seen one as fiery as this one. If you have a little heck-raiser ready to show their fiery attitude off to the world, then this blazing costume ought to do the trick!Product DetailsThis isn’t the ordinary devil costume! As we mentioned before, the defining feature of this costume has the be the realistic fire pattern along the bottom and along the sleeves of the robe. It even has printed sparks and embers throughout most of the robe, making it look like a real roaring flame! The robe itself is a simple, pullover style robe with jagged edges at the end of the sleeves and along the hemline. The attached hood even has a pair of stuff horns on top, so your child get in touch with their inner mischief-maker this trick or treat season! Just make sure to add a pitchfork to your young troublemaker’s new look, since they’re going to need it if they properly express their fiery new look!Maybe Hold that CallOkay, so maybe you don’t ACTUALLY want to call the fire department on your child when they’re wearing this fiery costume. It would be one awkward conversation to have to explain to the chief firefighter when they show up! Just be sure to keep an eye on your child when you dress them up in this devil costume, because that fiery look might just get them into a mischievous attitude!