Destroyer Shield and Sword


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NO COUNTRY FOR OLD BARBARIANSYou don’t see too many barbarians these days. Want to know why that is? Lack of shields.Barbarians never use shields when they head out into the fray, so a lot of them end up blocking sword strikes with their face. It’s not a very effective combat move, which is why a lot of them don’t come back from the battlefield. Yes, if you want to survive a skirmish, your best bet is to pack a shield along with your sword. It just so happens that this Destroyer Shield and Sword set comes with one for all of you would be warriors who don’t want to go the way of the barbarian!PRODUCT DETAILSThis toy set comes with both a sword and shield. Both pieces are made of molded plastic, for a lightweight, easy to carry design. The small shield is a circular shape and has an imposing skeleton designed into the front of it. It has a brilliant metallic paint job and has golden accents for a flair not commonly seen on barbarian weapons. The sword fits comfortably into the front of the shield.REN FEST PREPAREDNESSNow, this toy sword and shield set might not protect you from actual attacks on the battlefield, but its fierce look complements many of our Medieval and Renaissance costumes perfectly! Don’t go to the Ren Fest unprepared like a common barbarian!