Deluxe Women’s Bat Costume


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BATTY BABEThe term ‘batty’ isn’t exactly a bad thing. It means you’re a little kooky, slightly eccentric, never boring and always ready to have a hair-raising good time. Sounds fitting to us! It’s even challenging for us to wrap our minds around bats having a bad reputation but came up with some ideas why people are so frightened by the flying mammal. Maybe it’s because they sneak into the attic and scare the living daylights out of unexpecting people (and the family pets) by flapping around their house at the most unfortunate time? Perhaps it’s because bats are often thought to be vampires in an alternative form? (Spooky, but it makes us like bats even more!) Or maybe it’s because women are deathly afraid of bats flying into their hair? (Eh, we guess it could happen!) We don’t have any of the aforementioned fears and if you don’t either, then the women’s deluxe bat costume is ideal. Cozy, stylish and completely on-point, this costume displays your quirky fashion sense. Perfect for animal lovers and those looking for a warm costume, this is a disguise worth sinking your teeth into.DESIGN & DETAILSYou can only find the women’s deluxe bat costume right here since it’s an exclusive, Made by Us look. Comprised of a hooded,full-zipper dress, wings attached to the underside of the sleeves hook around fingers with elastic loops. Brown faux fur decorates the dress and hood while the hood has two, pointed bat ears fastened to the top. If you’re looking for a warm costume, this is an ideal look. Layer it with a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of leggings. SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLYEnhance your deluxe bat costume with some makeup tips to really send those bat-haters into a fright with a spookier look. Apply fake blood to both corners of the mouth and wear a pair of fangs too.