Deluxe Southern Belle Women’s Costume


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Well just bless your heart, darling. You say you want to portray the timid and elegant side of the old west? Well, we think it is about time someone represents the rest of the community. After all, it’s not all just outlaws and gunslingers! Grab this beautiful Adult Deluxe Sothern Belle Costume and show everybody the mild west.This luxurious costume will make you look like the daughter of the wealthiest family around. It’s even purple, that’s the color of royalty! However you won’t have to be a prissy princess, you can let the southern hospitality naturally pour out. Draw everyone in with your rich southern drawl and keep them entertained with your quirky old west mannerisms. Have fun with being overly polite and courteous to the rest of the party guests. You can really get into character this year because this costume has everything needed to transform you into a blast from the past. A stunning hoop-skirt dress and a classy wide-brimmed straw hat, sure, it’s not much but it gets the job done. This costume will also come with a waist sash as a tasteful accessory. If you would like to add a few more fun and classy accessories to this outfit then we have a few suggestions. Get your hands on a fancy pair of white gloves and then grab a pretty parasol to keep that unforgiving sun off your delicate skin.Once you’ve gathered up the perfect accessories to add to this Deluxe Southern Belle Costume you’ll be just about ready for your old west adventure this Halloween. Just be sure to have a brave cowpoke or an honorable sheriff with you, things do get pretty rough out there, you know, with all the outlaws and gunslingers…