Deluxe Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume 1X


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Aha-haha! We are so glad that you were able to make it! The world has gotten a little bit… strange, hasn’t it? Be sure to check your shoes. They must be firmly planted on the ground—and, it is best, that your feet are also in them whilst they are so planted. And, be sure to excuse Dormouse; he gets so under foot and then stares at you like it is your fault!… You’re looking at us like we’re cra…ving tea! And, you’re right! (You were right about the other thing, too, but all the best people are, aren’t they?) But, you didn’t come here for tea, you say? How strange!? We might guess you came for hats, then, which is wise for we certainly make them. But, you have a gleam in your eye. It is very familiar. Perhaps… just perhaps you would like to try on the proverbial hat of the Mad Hatter? Of course, not this hat—where would I keep my head!? But, you must try my coat!In moments, you can be in the regalia of the Deluxe Plus Size Mad Hatter. Depp, who? You! The frock coat with it’s wide lapels and wider cuffs! The gleaming vest and bow tie that has literally traveled the whole of Wonderland and gathered all the best colors—and the best Hook and Loop fastener—and we’ll just throw in a few extra ribbons… everywhere! When the world goes strange, just go Mad! Now, let’s go look around for a perfect hat–your perfect hat and, just to be sure, we best find some really ground-gripping shoes because you never know what kind of crazy adventures you’ll take part in.