Deluxe Foam Wonder Woman Sword Prop


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Are You Ready?Diana Prince spent hundreds of years training. Antiope taught her how to master battle tactics. She taught her how to wield a sword and how to protect herself from the fiercest Amazon warriors that ever lived. Diana was definitely ready to wield the God Killer sword when she took on the mantle of Wonder Woman!Those are some pretty impossible shoes to fill! Don’t worry, though. You can begin your training using this Wonder Woman Foam Sword until you’re ready to wield the real thing.Product DetailsThis Wonder Woman sword is a deluxe toy weapon that’s designed to look like the blade from the movie. It measures 32 inches long, so it’s as long as the real thing. It features a rigid core, with a foam exterior, making it much safer than a real sword. The blade has a metallic color scheme and it even has an inscription on the side. Swing it through the air and you might even feel like a real superhero!The Blade of Wonder WomanWhether you’re training to wield the real God Killer sword or you just want to put the finishing touch on your Wonder Woman cosplay, this toy sword is an easy choice!