Deadpool Icon Red/White Intarsia Knit Ugly Christmas Sweater




THE GIVING SEASONDeadpool loves the holidays. He really gets into it! No one really talks about it much, but he has a really giving spirit. He likes to give his enemies roundhouse kicks to the ribs and he’s very generous when it comes to sharing his bullets. He’s also a fan of giving out live grenades to bad guys! Just don’t ask him to share one of his chimichangas. That’s one thing that he never wants to share.Okay, so maybe the kind of giving that Deadpool likes to do isn’t really in-line with the classic Christmas spirit, but that’s no reason to leave him out of your Christmas wardrobe! With this Deadpool sweater, you can share the gift of Deadpool with all of your friends and family.PRODUCT DETAILSThis Deadpool Icon ugly Christmas sweater helps you share the holiday cheer like a mutant! The knit sweater is made out of acrylic and has a festive pattern, featuring snowflakes and various Deadpool symbols. It’s officially licensed and will definitely help you get into the giving spirit this year.THE GIFT OF DEADPOOLPerfect for Marvel fans or anyone who just wants to keep cozy this season, this Deadpool sweater is an easy choice as a gift for the giving season!