Day of the Dead Blue Glitter Tattoo


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Catrina DreamsAn elegant figure glides out of the shadows. The ruffles on their full-length black gown dusting the floor as they approach. Beneath a wide-brimmed hat, ringed with Marigolds and lace, their pale face glows with an otherworldly light. Their eyes are darkened, made to look hollow with black makeup. And a thousand jewels sparkle when the stunning Calavera Catrina tips their face toward you as if acknowledging your envious gaze. And then, you wake up. A brilliant Day of the Dead ensemble fresh in your mind, just waiting to be brought to life!Product DetailsCreate the gorgeous Catrina makeup of your dreams with this Blue Glitter Day of the Dead Tattoo! The self-adhesive stickers work with makeup so you can layer their sparkling shapes over the clean white foundation. With 31 stickers and rhinestones to work with, you’ll be ready to take your Day of the Dead look from standard to showstopping.Stunning TraditionCelebrate Day of the Dead in stunning fashion this year with this easy to use Day of the Dead Tattoo! Combining the elegance of the traditional Calavera Catrina and the colorful style of Sugar Skulls, this glittery blue sticker set will give you the Catrina look you’ve been dreaming of!