Dashing Vampire Costume for Boys


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No Ordinary MonsterVampires are known for their high level of sophistication. They’re not your average Halloween monster. They’re not slobbering all over the mailman like a werewolf. They certainly aren’t scuttling around in the mud like some kind of zombie. And they’re not howling like some kind of banshee the way that ghosts do. Vampires have way more class than all that. They spend most of their time relaxing in their lush mansion. They have quaint masquerade parties and discuss classical art pieces over dinner. Also, they usually drink blood… but we think that they’d like grape juice just as much if they just gave it a chance. And if contemporary portrayals in movies are accurate, their hair is almost always on point!If your child is a real class act, then he deserves to be a vampire this year. It’s the one classic monster that respects his sense of style and sophistication. Your child is going to need this Dashing Vampire costume for kids.Design & DetailsThis child vampire costume comes with everything you need to transform your young one into a lord of the night! It comes with a patterned, burgundy vest with an attached shirt front. It even has elegant-looking ruffles near the neck. The costume also comes with a black and burgundy jacket that fits over the vest to help accentuate your child’s dark, yet, chic, sense of style. Scalloped cuffs and an exaggerated lapel help put the finishing touch to this outfit. All you need to do is pair it with a pair of your child’s best black pants and a Dracula-esque hairstyle to complete the look.Child of the NightWatch out! Once you dress your child up in this Dashing Vampire costume, your child might begin to thirst for blood! After all, he’ll feel just like a true child of the night. Just give him a glass of grape juice. We promise that he’ll never know the difference!