Dark Pharaoh Plus Size Costume for Men


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Redesigning a DynastyIf you could redesign all the wonders of ancient Egypt would you change anything about their design? We realize that it’s a bit blasphemous to critique these ancient wonders but that’s just because we’re looking at history through rose-colored sunglasses. The Sphinx is cool and everything but the thing is, as a half-cat the Sphinx has probably been pretty bored through the centuries. A pharaoh like you could have had his people sculpt a ball of string between the paws of the Sphinx to keep the calm creature calm through the ages. Maybe the Sphinx would have even thrown a few blessings down on your reign. Either way, it would be pretty awesome to head back to ancient times to see the pyramids in all their glistening marble sided glory and float through the green glories of the Nile. But if you’re planning on a time travel coup, you’re going to need the right costume!Product Details & DesignThis Made-By-Us look is sure to make you look right at home in the palaces of ancient Egypt! Our designers put together this awesome look with a dashing gold, turquoise, and black color scheme. The tunic zips up the back to make transforming into a regal entity easy. The tunic is accented with a gold belt with a geometric panel down the front. You’ll also get three gold armbands and the gold and black striped headpiece that will mark you as royalty. The Egyptian PerscriptionIf you’re longing for the days of Ancient Egypt, you’re sure to love this show-stopping costume! Team up with Nefertiti or  Egyptian deities like Anubis or Isis and you’ll be able to relive the Egyptian golden era in style. We’re so ready to see you roll out your new ideas for the ancient world. It’s about time ancient wonders popped up in our new millennium!