Dancing Queen Girls Costume


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Back to the GlitterRemember sequins? They come and go in the fashion world, but there is something irresistable about the way that they sparkle in the light. No matter how much or how often trends change, we know that this material will soon be back! Perhaps your child has experienced the textural and visual joy of a sequined outfit. Whether or not they have, it’s time to bring them into the spotlight! Now your child can get their groove on in this shiny Girls Dancing Queen Costume.Product DetailsThis sleeveless, tunic style dress is covered in shimmering sequins from collarbone to hem. The multicolored circles are the larger style of sequin, and they overlap each other in a scale pattern. They form a sheer layer over the solid base layer of the dress. It’s a statement all on its own, but you can also tie on the headband in a retro style to keep the vibes going. The white, chunky hoop earrings are also included with this costume. Looking for a set of gogo boots? Check out our website to find some great options! Find Your Dance FloorWhether it’s Halloween, a family party, or a friend’s birthday celebration, there is always time for dancing! Your child will be ready to dance along to ABBA and other retro and modern bands in this flashy ensemble. No dance floor, you say? Well, clear the tables and turn up the speakers, because anywhere can be a dance floor, if you want it!