Cupid’s Mini Bow and Arrow Set


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Woah, Watch Where You’re Pointing That Thing! People scoff at Cupid’s arrow. How could a heart-shaped weapon that causes people to fall in love be dangerous? To that we say, “Err, have you been paying attention?”. We’re not even going to cover the basic love stories that cost history hundreds of lives (looking at you Helen of Troy) or the smaller tragedies (Romeo and Juliet, anyone?). Nope, let’s just cover South Central Junior High School. It’s ten minutes before school has started and already Emma is in tears because Travis just sent Tina a note with three hearts around her name. Emma had already told Tina that she thought Travis might be the one. Now, which one of you Cupid’s arrow skeptics wants to saunter up to this red-eyed thirteen-year-old and tell her that Cupid’s weapon of choice is harmless? Yeah… we didn’t think so!Product DetailsThis mini bow and arrow set is a must for your Cupid costume. With a golden bow and a heart-shaped arrow, people are sure to get the message and either steer clear or jump in your arrow’s path, depending on what they prefer. Get plenty of use from this accessory by using it at your next toga party or bringing it on your next Valentines Date. It might not make anyone fall in love with you but it sure will make an impression!