Cruel Diva Wig for Women


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Sure, let them call you cruel. How many of them have played a piano with keys made of real ivory? How many of them know the joy of wrapping the fur of a nearly extinct mink around their shoulders? How many of them have the genius ability to see and purchase the next fashion trends before it appears in any of the magazines? None of them, that joy and ability belongs solely to you. Sure, when you see a gorgeous bird you imagine those feathers on an avant-garde hat but if you don’t have these imaginings then how is the world of fashion to move forward? Your hair says it all. The world is black and white. It’s made of losers and winners. There’s the humans who learned to use tools and clothe themselves and then there are those animals who haven’t progressed beyond growling and howling. So let them call you cruel, a fashionable woman like yourself knows which way the world turns.