Creepy Twin Sister Costume for Girls


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Don’t get us wrong, we love kids. They’re so full of life and they look at the world with such curiosity and wonder. However, it’s also very important to mention that we’re big horror movie fans too. This is definitely an (unfortunate) conflict of interest because everyone knows that an “evil kid character” is a horror movie staple. Think about it: Children of the Corn. The Omen. The Exorcist. The Ring. Village of the Damned. Sinister. Sinister 2. What’s the one thing they all have in common? Creepy kids.Now, whenever we hear the soft giggling of a little girl, we don’t automatically assume there’s an innocent child having fun in the distance. Instead, we want to hightail it out of there because a demonic little kid is probably close-by, plotting to steal our soul. We’re also traumatized by the pitter-patter of small feet, the cries of baby dolls, and literally anyone or anything that says the phrase, “come play with us.”We’re positive that we’re not the only ones who are plagued by this irrational fear, in fact, we’re sure of it. So, if you’re looking for the perfect way to scare the daylights out of your friends, just have your daughter wear this creepy twin sister costume. Give her a tricycle to ride on once she’s wearing the blue dress, featuring a ribbon waist sash and a lacy hemline, then invite your friends over. You and your little girl will love chuckling at your friends screaming in terror and running out of the house!