Creepy Clown Inflatable Decoration


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Step It UpSo, you accidentally overheard your pals talking about last year’s Halloween party. “Yeah, it was fun. But it wasn’t that scary. I want to be really freaked out at a Halloween party,” they boasted. Oh really? Do you, friends? Well, you have our permission to put your crew in their place by ensuring that the most terrifying figure of all time greets them at this year’s bash: this Inflatable Creepy Clown Decoration! Seriously, clowns are bone-chilling in their own right. But give them deranged eyes, jagged yellow teeth and a huge mallet, and we bet those so-called tough-guy friends will be shaking in their boots! In fact, why stop there? Why not make your whole party into a “Circus gone wrong” theme? A dilapidated fun house is the perfect setting to set your friends straight once and for all. Product DetailsThis large lawn ornament will greet your guests in ghoulish style. It’s fully inflatable and features a fear-inducing, menacing clown in striped pants, a big bowtie, a top hat, and giant clown shoes. The clown is holding a mallet that says “Free Candy,” (shudder) and offers a wrapped candy in the other hand. Trust us—this is going to give you nightmares! Lawn EnforcementThis decoration is so creepy, you may need a security guard or two to keep the peace once pandemonium sets into your yard. Congrats on having the scariest house for miles!