Cosmo Dress Women’s Costume


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let ’em knowNo one will have any illusions about what you want from your next costumed occasion. With a big ol’ martini glass on your torso, every hour can be happy hour, no matter what beverage you are drinking. So grab some friends, some cranberry juice, and a twist of lemon before the party starts! Remember to smile while you’re shaking your fun pink concoction. Happiness is a necessary ingredient, after all!product detailsOur unique Women’s Cosmo Dress Costume is the perfect way to flaunt your love of many establishments’ Friday Night Special Drink without getting too wild in public, though the two aren’t mutually exclusive. The costume is comprised of a sleeveless pullover tank dress with a foam front panel and fabric back panel, printed graphics of the front, and spaghetti shoulder straps. Pair it with a pair of dark shoes and a bag of citrus twists to keep yourself topped of the partyYou barely even have to try when you roll up to your next costumed occasion as a tried-and-true party drink: The Cosmopolitan. Chit chat will be a thing of the past when all eyes and chatter will be trained on your top-notch, one-of-a-kind costume.