Cop Mustache


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A Uniform Requirement There are a number of things that are necessary to complete the professional police look. Obviously you want to have your uniform cleaned up and looking neat. You want your hat sitting on your head in an authoritative way that also shows that you are here to serve and protect the whole community. But, there’s one thing that is missing in establishing true levels of trust among the people. It is as plain as the look on your face. Naturally, we’re talking about your mustache!Product DetailsIt goes without saying that the mustache is a necessary component of every cop’s uniform. If you’re having trouble growing one yourself or you are looking for a fuller look, this Cop Mustache is here to make your day. Combine it with the rest of your police officer uniform to blend in perfectly with the crowd and channel the true power of the law enforcement agency: the ability to claim the mustache as their own. Undercover GrooveWhether you’re in full police officer uniform or blending in for undercover work, the mustache is a critical component to your look. Become a hit rock star in your off-hours or brush your ‘stache while in deep contemplation. And don’t think this is just for the guys. The Lady Mustache is just as great a power pose.