Compound Fracture Applique Special FX Makeup Kit


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Your Big BreakIt always seems like people are so tough in the movies. They get blown ten feet by a giant explosion and they just get up and say something witty. Or they fight off ten bad guys, getting punches to the gut and grazed with bullets and knives and afterward instead of screaming in pain and heading to the hospital they go have some breakfast at a diner. How can you eat pancakes when you’ve just gotten beaten up? Maybe carbo-loading is a tough guy recovery secret. Now, we can’t help you get Hollywood tough… we’re not even sure that would be healthy. But we can make it look like you’ve been through the mill and you’re still standing with this disgusting yet impressive compound fracture applique. Product DetailsCast out of latex, this piece is at once realistic and over the top. It’ll make it look like any of your limbs has been seriously broken. Apply it with spirit gum (it can be found in our special effects makeup catalog) and you can be a whole slew of wounded but rugged characters. From zombies to action heroes, this wound is sure to add eww factor.The Ouch EffectWant a costume so gory that it hurts to look at you? We have every form of faux blood you can dream up in our costume catalog. From paste to powder and quarts of liquid, you’ll have people gasping in horror in no time!