Cocoon Shaking


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A Neighborhood PestIt started out with a simple spider infestation. Actually, you’re not even sure where the first arachnid showed up, it was such a small incident. You probably moved it with a newspaper or washed it down the bathtub drain. The thing is, you didn’t mind so much at first. The webs caught all the bugs in your house and outside so you didn’t need to worry about any mosquitos or centipedes in your vicinity. Then the healthy population of squirrels in your neighborhood started rapidly depleting. You weren’t sure what was to blame until you started spotting giant webs in the leafy branches of the trees. Someone should have called an exterminator before it was too late!Product DetailsThis life-sized skeleton is still shaking from its deadly encounter with the web! Motion activated and battery operated, this easy to hang victim of the worst spider infestation ever will squirm around and speak when trick-or-treaters and Halloween revelers walk by. Perfect for those autumn nights, the eyes even light up for a fully spooky effect! And when you’re done using it simply turn it off, fold it up, and store it away for next year. This guy won’t mind, he’ll hang around as long as you need him to!Sensible ArachniphobiaSo, while you might try to keep your cool around the spiders in your home. We think it makes sense to foster a healthy fear of the creatures. You never know when they might get out of hand! So go ahead and usher them out of your house before they take it over! In the meantime, this skeleton is a great way to tell all those giant spiders that your house has already been hit, so don’t bother knocking. Want to make an unforgettable Halloween scene? Pair this up with one of our inflatable spiders so that your house becomes a Halloween destination location. A look this spooky is sure to send friends and family spinning!