Clown Rainbow Puffs Wig


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Where is the Rainbow!? Excuse us. Could you help us out for a second? We know that there is a magical rainbow around here… somewhere. We keep seeing it just in the corner of our eyes, but whenever we turn around, it seems to have vanished! We’ve been looking for days. All we want to do is bring a smile to everyone around us and we know the rainbow is the key.Wait. You seem to have a bit of a grin on your face. Have you seen it!? We’re just scratching our heads here!  Product DetailsWell, once we manage to find that danged rainbow, we plan on offering you this Rainbow Clown Puff Wig! This is a pair of hair puffs with an elastic band that you can tie around your own bun or pigtails. They have a beautiful arrangement of rainbow colors and will give you that bright puff of color that you’ve been looking for. Bring the smiles to your friends and family, no matter how you’re clowning around! Chasing the ColorThere’s something about a rainbow that immediately conjures a smile. The only thing even better is when you can get a prismatic hairdo without all the fuss. It seems that while we were spinning in circles, this pair of Rainbow Clown Puffs were sitting here, ready to wear! Now it’s your turn to try out the fun.