Clip On Christmas Ornaments Accessory Set


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Sweater ScroogeYou’ve never considered yourself very festive, which tends to get in the way whenever your mother-in-law plans an ugly Christmas sweater party. You’re not looking to purchase a wild reindeer and snowman patterned wool sweater. Even if your life depended on it, you wouldn’t touch the simplest snowflakes pattern with a 29 1/2-foot pole. But, you’re also sick of getting all sorts of flack when you show up at the party wearing a simple knit sweater in a solid color. Luckily, you’re here and we have the perfect solution for your holiday humbugs.Product DetailsStay true to yourself in your classic sweater while making the family happy with these Christmas Clip-On Ornaments. These simple multicolored baubles attach to whatever clothing you prefer to turn it into the merry garment society demands. Create a festive display on your top, dress, or even your hair with the plastic clips attached to each ornament. With 12 in the set, you have plenty of options to put on a cheerful Christmas show!Merriment CoveredWhether you’re trying to avoid a Christmas party faux pas, or you want to make your holiday ensemble even more holly and jolly, this 12 pack of clip-on Christmas ornaments has you covered. Literally. Add each to your clothing, accessories, or anywhere you’d like to make this holiday season extra merry and bright!