Cleopatra Pantsuit for Women


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BOSS LADY GOALSCleo was a boss lady, plain and simple. She built an empire in a world dominated by men and she did it with style, sass, and a little bit of controversy, just like any great ruler would. The female Egyptian pharaoh was fearless, attractive and intelligent. We don’t know anyone who wears a royal headpiece, carries an ankh staff and can also speak a variety of languages. Cleo’s rare combo of brains, beauty, and an overwhelming amount of boss lady vibes inspired our team of talented designers to create the one and only Cleopatra pantsuit. For decades, the pantsuit symbolizes dominance and possesses an ability to command the attention of an entire room. Is it any wonder that powerful women are still wearing pantsuits in the present? We think not!If you’d love to see Cleopatra dressed in a competent and classy pantsuit then you can make it happen by transforming into a contemporary version of the iconic queen. The Cleopatra pantsuit is everything needed to rule over Halloween like the true queen that you are.  PRODUCT DETAILSThe women’s Cleopatra costume is a Made by Us garment so it’s high-quality and high-fashion. The crisp, white jumpsuit features a stylish high waist and a cascading gold-fabric sash that drapes down in the front and the back. The attached collar fastens around the neck while the coordinating wrist and upper arm bands add an extra dose of gilded splendor. Finally, the crown tops off the costume as the final piece that offsets the regal ensemble.    BOW DOWN BEFORE YOUR QUEENIn addition to an ankh staff and a pair of killer gold heels, we recommend one key accessory: Caeser hanging off your arm, although a powerful woman, like yourself, never needs a man in order to feel complete.