Classic Men’s Premium Superman Costume


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The full superman experienceThere’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. We’re ready for the full Superman experience. You feeling the same way? Sure, we’ve had plenty of great versions of Superman over the years, but we want the best. The iconic styling, the saving the day, and the stretch spandex in red and blue!Of course, we’ve got just the thing to make that a reality, too. All we need is a willing subject to step in and become the next Man of Steel. Think you’ve got what it takes? We’re sure you do! All you’re going to need is this Superman Men’s Costume, and you’ll be ready to be the next fellow to step into a long line of Superman awesomeness. Costume DetailsThis costume comes with all the high style that Superman’s outfit is known for. The jumpsuit is blue, with the traditional red brief section. A yellow vinyl belt adds some color contrast and classic styling, and attached foam backed boot covers lets you wear your own sneakers while still look supremely superhero-ey. Of course, that’s not even counting the one-two punch of the signature details. The attached Superman S Shield on the chest, and the attached red cape! No Superman costume would be complete without those details, and they’re featured on this Premium costume in the classic and iconic way.Faster than a Speeding BulletOf course, slipping into a this Classic Premium Superman Costume won’t imbue you with his Kryptonian powers. So, you won’t have flight, super hearing, super speed, ice breath, or other abilities to call on. But, you will have his style dialed in, and we think that’s pretty heroic in and of itself! So, go on, choose to be Superman this year, and you’re assured to probably have the greatest Halloween ever. Up, up, and away!