Classic Marilyn Costume Wig


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There is the long-lasting assumption that hair color lends towards an individual’s personality. Red heads are passionate and quick to anger. Brunettes are serious and smart. And, of course, blondes have all the fun. Doesn’t quite seem fair that the color of your hair is going to so certainly determine what kind of life that you might lead… but it is even less fair for the nuanced hair colors that aren’t mentioned! After all, there is a hair color that has become truly famous for bringing passion, brains, and fun all in one package thanks to the immortal talent of Marilyn Monroe in her platinum locks!Now you, too, can see what sort of glory Sugar herself knew by donning this Classic Marilyn Costume Wig. This fully licensed wig wears easy with elastic and a comfortable mesh lined interior. Of course, the real glory of these locks comes in their wavy styled platinum shaded faux hair. Styled in the iconic looks of the queen of the silver screen, this is the perfect accessory to complete either a full Marilyn Monroe gown or may be just what you need to dispel the silly myths that a gal can’t be all things at once!