Circle of Skulls Hanging Wreath


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Full Circle SythePeople often think that Halloween is Death’s favorite holiday. It’s almost true but not for the reason most people think. In fact, as Halloween is so close to the scythe-wielding figure, he actually shrugs off his cloak, kicks up his feet, and spends the whole day in his cave watching horror movies. Surprising, right? But he’s busy the whole year and sees all sorts of macabre and scary things. So when this day comes around once a year, he’s not busting his buns to get out the door. Want to keep the reaper in a holiday state of mind? Honor him in style with this skull wreath. Both shabby and chic, it’s sure to compliment your front door just right!Product DetailsIt’s easy to make entrance trick-or-treater ready with this black and white skull wreath. With a gray, grassy background, this wreath looks like a top-notch DIY project. A black ribbon makes hanging this wreath a quick job so your house will look festive in only a moment!Tons of SkeletonsMatch this skull wreath with our huge selection of skeletons. From posable life-size skeletons to the bones of Halloween animals, pets, and even a scorpion, you have all sorts of macabre options!