Cinema Secrets Orc Ears for Adults


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The Orc UndergroundHave you listened to the latest Orc Rock music? No? Well, it’s pretty obscure. You can’t find this gritty, unique genre on the internet. No, the only way you hear this style of music is if you’re willing to take your chances in the grisly orc clubs. You never know what you’re going to see at these places. You’ll see orcs tatted up in the Uruk-hai style, letting loose in a way that only a corrupted elf can. From headbanging to cannibalism, these creatures know how to party. And the music is pretty intense too. Combine war drums with ominous horn-blowing and intense chanting, and you’ve kind of got the right idea. But if you want to get into these clubs, you’ve got to blend in. Product DetailsMake sure Orcs don’t recognize your lowly human origins when you add these long ears to your costume. The pointy design is rich with wrinkly details to make the ears look rather monstrous. Apply these ears with spirit gum to make sure they stick as long as you want them to. Malevolence in Middle EarthThere are plenty of creatures in Middle Earth but none of them are quite as much fun to play as the orcs. Let your eerie side loose with these ears, fake teeth, and some pale, clay-like makeup. Go ahead and make your evil side proud!