Chucky Scarred 15″ Talking Good Guy Doll


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BATTERIES NOT INCLUDEDWe’re going to make a bold statement right now: Chucky is horror’s ultimate underdog. Despite a successful 30 year reign, killing everyone from babysitters to cadets in training, the possessed doll is the dark horse of the scary movie community. Lacking in stature and unique killing methods, Chucky makes up for his shortcomings (ha get it?) with witty one-liners and the art of surprise. You may think you’re driving home from a regular day at work in your trusty 4 door sedan when BAM, Chucky launches himself from the back seat and holds a knife to your throat. What a guy! He’s so passionate about what he does.If you like rooting for the horror movie underdog too, then support the Good Guy Doll with a fervor for murder by purchasing Chucky in his best form, all scarred up and clutching a sharp. Although we urge you to be very careful around this Chucky doll— we can’t guarantee he won’t spring to life to do what he does best!          PRODUCT DETAILSThe officially licensed 15-inch doll is poseable with 11 points of articulation. When squeezed, the doll speaks 7 popular movie phrases. Covered in stitches and scars, the Chucky doll is holding a plastic knife, ready to snatch a soul. MANIACAL MINI-MEDo you really want to be as creepy as possible? Match your new doll by wearing a Chucky costume. Prepare for screams to ensue.