Chucky Adult Costume


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“Hi, I’m Chucky, and I’m your friend ’till the end! Hi-de-ho, ha-ha-ha!” Umm, whoever thought these dolls were cute? Forget about the freckles and the weird haircut, they made this doll move its head and eyes and say an overly friendly phrase followed by a maniacal laugh. As much as the company complained when one of their dolls went on a murderous rampage it seems like they were invented to be possessed by a serial killer. Like most people you probably remember that moment when you snuck into the living room to peek at around the sofa at the television as your parents or older siblings were watching “Child’s Play”. That moment when Chucky steals the rest of your childhood away is hard to forget. Worse part is, your folks figured out that you watched the movie the next day as you were throwing away all of your childhood dolls and stuffed animals in a state of absolute terror. You’ll need no introduction as you bust into your next costume party in this ensemble, everyone remembers Chucky, whether they had the guts to watch the movie as kids or not. The printed overall and striped shirt from the original movie have a retro appeal now, they would be cool if they weren’t so creepy. Most importantly of all, you’ll get the Chucky mask, by this time your character has gotten a little wear and tear but don’t worry about it too much. A guy like Chucky never says “die”.