Chloe the Cat Critter Cap


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WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE CAT’S HAT?We’ve all heard the tales of the goofy cat who brought all sorts of fun and chaos to the world of a couple kids.  But, whatever happened once the fun got stored back into the hat and the cat went the way of the end of the tale!?Well, turns out that time might change a number of things, but the fun never goes away.  Adapting with time, our favorite game playing and accessory wearing kitten is never far away and, now, your kid can be the ones to enjoy the next adventure! PRODUCT DETAILSHave the greatest time since a couple things were bounding off the wall when you watch your kid run around in this Chloe the Cat Critter Cap.  This might look like a standard baseball cap, but it is so much more!  Adjust the size to fit comfortably with the band in the back and then watch as the smiling cat face and soft sculpted ears transform your tyke into a fun-loving kitten! NO END TO THE FUNYour kiddo already has the boundless energy that we’d expect of any young tyke.  But, when they are wearing this amazing Cat Hat, they’re going to feel like they’ve got nine lives worth of it and you’re going to love every minute.