Chloe the Cat Comfy Critters Costume Blanket


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If you have a family cat then you know how hard it is to leave your kitty at home when you’re leaving for the weekend. However, with how independent Fluffy can be, it’s wouldn’t be surprising if your little ball of love actually appreciates a few days to themselves. Maybe she’s spending the time finally clawing her way into the interior in your couch or soaking up some extra rays on that sweet spot on your bed. So, Fluffy is covered but what about you and your happiness? So you or your child are out there on the road, no cat to pet and pamper in sight, how are you supposed to get all warm and cozy without Fluffy there to make you feel at home? Turns out, you can take a kitty with you without the litter box and the anxious yowling.Introducing, Chloe the cat, we know nothing could replace Fluffy but this wrap cat makes a great travel companion. You can actually unroll this travel cat and wrap it’s coziness around you. Try that with Fluffy, just kidding, don’t try that! Now, while your cat is relaxing in the sun you don’t have to sit there, missing Fluffy. You can be just as cozy as your feline friend.