Chipmunk Costume for Children


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Yes, you routinely accuse your little guy or gal of being a chipmunk. And it’s not just your opinion either. Whether out and about the town at cool spots like the zoo, at parent-teacher day at school, or even when you’re just walking down the street, it’s not at all out of the ordinary for folks to comment on your kiddo. “Hey! You’ve got a little chipmunk there!”There seems to be a consensus, so let’s complete your child’s destiny…by getting them this child chipmunk costume! They’ll be able to scamper and play like they usually do, but instead of just being a kid, they’re going to be a really terrific chipmunk. With fur and a tail and everything!Furry and fresh from our costume designers, this chipmunk costume is made by us. And we like to go all “high end and stuff” on our costumes, so we made this costume with extra attention to detail! Soft, luxe fur makes this jumpsuit chipmunky as all-get-out, and you can be sure that we got the stripes on the back just right!When you pop the headpiece on, the furry face will give them character details that’s going to have them stealing the show. Whenever, and wherever they want to have their chipmunk adventures, you’ll have endless possiblities for fun when you have it ready to go. Really, it’s just their chipmunk destiny!